Technical Theatre

Technical Theatre at Lincoln High School is an opportunity for novice students to explore themselves in art and art in themselves.  The course focuses on beginning stagecraft techniques that are the foundation for technical theatre.  The beginning technicians will learn to interpret and execute a theatrical designer's plans, much like a beginning actor learns how to interpret and execute a playwright's script.  Through projects and work on Mainstage productions, students gain the confidence and techniques needed to become skilled technicians. 

This class is designed to give students an overview of technical theatre.  It uses individual and group assignments to introduce the foundations of technical theatre.  Students will learn theatre vocabulary, stage areas and design, tool vocabulary and application, technical theatre basics, construction of sets, painting, lighting design, sound technology, the theatre production team, and more! 

Over the year, students will learn:

  • Theatre terminology
  • Technical Theatre terminology 
  • The structure of plays
  • Advanced Carpentry and set construction
  • Electricity
  • Color Theory
  • Advanced Stage lighting techniques and skills
  • Audio engineering techniques and skills
  • Costuming techniques and skills
  • Property making techniques and skills
  • Make-up techniques and skills, including realistic, old age, and blood/gore
  • Play publicity skills

By the end of the year, students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Identify ways theatre affects their lives
  • Differentiate between different types and structures of drama
  • Analyze and critique performances
  • Carry out various jobs as members of a production crew
  • Take part in the backstage aspects of theatrical Productions
  • Demonstrate appropriate audience skills