2014-15 Theatre Board Representatives


Emma Craig, President
Emma is the president of theatre board and held the position of public relations rep for the past two years. Emma plays varsity tennis on the side of doing predominantly tech theatre. She hopes to bring more volunteer work, fundraisers, and marketing to our theatre department this year. 

Isabel Schneider, Vice President
Vice President of the Theatre Board, is a senior at Lincoln High this year. She has participated in theatre all four years of high school, both onstage and behind the scenes. Some of her favorite experiences include learning English ballroom dancing for Pride and Prejudice, stage managing Once Upon a Mattress, and running sound for Joynight. Isabel is in the International Baccalaureate program, and as such can be found doing homework when not working in the theatre. Isabel also plays soccer for Lincoln High. Reading and spending time with her family are other activities Isabel enjoys doing when she has time.

Camille Harrah, Secretary
Camille is a junior at Lincoln High School. She has participated in theater productions here from her first year, as a tree in Friday’s Child to a dancer in Pride and Prejudice. Camille is also a student in the IB Theater class. Her favorite aspect of theater is the community-building it provides.

Senior Class Reps

Noah Radcliffe

Noah is a senior at Lincoln High. Last year Noah was a member of Illusion Theatre, and has done make up, run crew, other tech, and acting during his time at Lincoln High. Noah enjoys many things in theatre, mostly those including working with others.

Tom Witzki

Tom is a senior at Lincoln High. Tom has been highly active in theatre at LHS since freshman year. His first show at LHS was Home on the Morning Train, which was the one act for that year. In his junior year he performed in Illusion Theatre. Tom also helps in all areas of tech including lights and run crew.

Junior Class Reps

Eli Diamant
Eli Diamant is a junior in the International Baccalaureate program at Lincoln High School, and is now the Junior Representative of the LHS theatre board.  He has recently appeared in The Glass Menagerie and Pride and Prejudice.  Eli has been a part of theatre since kindergarten and has acted and worked at several theatres across Lincoln.  In his free time he enjoys reading, studying for the ACT, and watching Grey’s Anatomy.  

Nash Jack
Nash is a junior a Lincoln High. He is a proud actor and loves to be a part of it at LHS. He has been in numerous productions, including Call Me Shakespeare, Endgame, Seussical, and Friday's Child. Along with being part of the IB program, he is looking forward to another great year at The High, and hopes to be as involved in all aspects of school as much as he can. Go Links!

Sophomore Class Reps

Kat Dorenbach

Kat Dorenbach is a 10th grader at LHS.  In her first year of theatre her favorite show was the one act Trojan Women.  Besides theatre Kat is actively involved in the schools choir program.  She is also involved in Nebraska Girls Shakespeare Company and is an SK volunteer at YMCA Camp Kitaki.

Harper Wilmouth

Harper has been acting for several years and is excited to join theater board for the first time. He has lettered in theater and is involved with Illusion Theater this year. Harper’s goal for this years theater board is to bring as much opportunities for community outreach as possible.

Tech Reps
Alexis Cruz
Alexis Cruz is a senior at Lincoln High School. Alexis had been heavily involved in the tech aspect of theater since freshman year. She has acted in two shows and has teched for eight. Alexis remembers fondly winning the tech team challenge her junior year at the state thespian convention with, Josiah M., Deanna N., Eric Tran, Joci E. and Avinash ‘Avi’ N.

Josiah Morgan

This is Josiah's  third year as representative of the tech department on the theatre board. He is a senior in the IB programme and is a student of the IB Theatre class. An avid member of the tech community, Josiah has participated in theatre since his first show The Iliad, Odyssey, and all of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less. Josiah is the master electrician and head lighting designer for the LHS mainstage shows and plans on continuing his work with lighting through his senior year. One of his leadership goals is to increase interest in the tech department and encourage students to take an active role in their theatre department.

State Reps

Rachele Merliss
Rachele is a senior who has acted and done tech work for many Lincoln High productions, including Friday’s Child, Trojan Women, and Pride and Prejudice. She is also a member of the Nebraska Girls’ Shakespeare Company. She hopes to have a fantastic final year at Lincoln High!

Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter is a sophomore at Lincoln High School. He enjoys working with hair and makeup during LHS Theatre productions. Joseph has done hair and makeup for several LHS productions, including Pride and Prejudice, Trojan Women, Once Upon A Mattress, And Call Me Shakespeare. Joseph has also acted in The Speckled Band. Joseph is planning on acting more this year.

Director's Reps

Cecilia Burda
Cecilia Burda attributes her personal growth during high school  to her involvement in theatre. Cecilia originally participated in theatre with the encouragement of friends and the prospect of performing in the senior musical, Cecilia has discovered a great, supportive community; a community she is devoted to.  Cecilia has appeared in many main stage shows at Lincoln High School including, Home on the Morning Train, The King and I, Friday’s Child, Seussical the Musical and Once Upon a Mattress.  Cecilia has worked in make-up, lighting, and as a sound technician.  She recently discovered a love for stage management and is currently stage managing her third LHS mainstage show.  Through her involvement in Nebraska Girl’s Shakespeare Company (NGSC), Cecilia directed The Taming of the Shrew.  Cecilia loves working behind the scenes in theatre, but her heart will always belong to singing. 

Ellie Churchill
Ellie is your friendly neighborhood sarcasm extraordinaire, a sophomore at Lincoln High, and one of the Director's Reps on Theatre Board. When she isn't doing theatre she can be found writing, gaming and plotting her next evil plan. Ellie is a techie at heart, but she acted in the One Act production of Trojan Women and hopes to do more acting this year. She was backstage for Pride and Prejudice and Once Upon A Mattress and she was stage manager for Call Me Shakespeare.

Public Relations Rep

Jocelyn Ernst
Jocelyn is a senior at Lincoln High. Lincoln High Theatre has been involved in LHS Theatre since she did her first play A Midsummers Night Dream at Lincoln High when she was 8. Since starting high school she has acted in many shows and is heavily involved in the costume department. She is going in to her 2nd year of Illusion Theater and is a member of Nebraska Girls Shakespeare Company. She also enjoys dancing, writing, and all things Disney.


Deanna Nelson
Deanna Nelson is a returning historian to the theatre board. She is a senior in the International Baccalaureate program. Deanna has been in theatre since freshman year and does mostly behind the scenes work running the sound board. One of her favorite experiences is going to state for one act her freshman year. Somethings Deanna enjoys doing in her free time are reading, singing and running. Deanna Nelson is also in the color guard in the Lincoln High Marching band.


Cat Nyberg

Cat Nyberg is a senior in the International Baccalaureate program at Lincoln High School, and the clerk of the theatre board. Recently, she appeared in The Code of the West and The Adventure of the Speckled Band. Her favorite role to date is Helen of Troy in The Trojan Women. Cat has participated in theatre since the fifth grade, and most enjoys performing in plays written by her good friend William Shakespeare. Cat is a member of the Nebraska Girls’ Shakespeare Company (NGSC) and enjoys baking, reading, and contemporary poetry. She looks forward to graduating high school with an IB diploma and intact social life. In the event you can’t find her in the theatre, she’s probably at the library, typing away on her research investigation.


Victoria McConnell
Victoria is a Senior at Lincoln High. She has acted in many Lincoln High productions. She is currently a member in Theatre Board and is in the LHS Music Department. She enjoys long romantic walks on the beach and singing in the shower. She is very excited for future productions!

Shannon Hicks
Shannon is a sophomore at Lincoln High School. She enjoys acting, especially in Lincoln High productions! Shannon is a member of the Nebraska Girls Shakespeare Company (NGSC) and is a pre-IB student. She also enjoys math and science and is looking forward to doing more shows this year at Lincoln High.