IB Theatre

Course Description

Lincoln High School

International Baccalaureate Theatre HL/SL

Theatre is about transformation. It is the application, through play, of energy and imagination to frame, reflect, expose, critique and speculate. The Diploma Programme theatre course is designed to encourage students to examine theatre in its diversity of forms from around the world. This may be achieved through a critical study of the theory, history and culture of theatre, and will find expression through workshopping, devised work or scripted performance. Students will come to understand that the act of imagining, creating, presenting and critically reflecting on theatre in its past and present contexts embodies the individual and social need to investigate and find explanations for the world around us.

The theatre course emphasizes the importance of working individually and as a member of an ensemble. Students are encouraged to develop the organizational and technical skills needed to express themselves creatively in theatre. A further challenge for students following this course is for them to become aware of their own perspectives and biases and to learn to understand and value those of others. This requires a willingness to understand alternative views, to respect and appreciate cultural diversity, and to see the varied role that theatre plays in reflecting these. As a result, the theatre course can become a way for students to celebrate the international and intercultural dynamic that inspires and sustains some forms of contemporary theatre, while appreciating the specifically local origins that have always given rise to performance, and which, in many parts of the world, still do. 

At the core of the theatre course lies a concern with clarity of understanding, critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis—all of which should be achieved through practical engagement in theatre.

Theatre students at both SL and HL are presented with a common core syllabus that encourages the development of certain skills, attributes and attitudes. Due to the nature of the theatre course, there may be no great difference in the complexity or artistic merit of the work produced by students at SL and HL. However, the difference in recommended teaching times at SL (150) and HL (240) signals a clear distinction between the demands made on students. It is expected that students at HL will use the extra time available to develop their personal research and practice in theatre, and to extend their understanding of the ideas, practices and concepts encountered during the course. 

Students enrolled in International Baccalaureate theatre classes have assignments to direct and produce. 

These public performances are offered in the afternoons after school in mid-May. 

Parents, students, and friends are encouraged to attend to watch the productions and support LHS theatre students.