About LHS Theatre

Interested in LHS Theatre? That's Great!

LHS Theatre is inclusive and welcoming to all students who want to participate. 

Theatre students are also involved in other school activities—sports, band, choir, Zoo School, International Baccalaureate, and more. 

Students don’t have to be enrolled in a theatre class to participate in the productions, they simply need to audition for the cast or sign up for tech crew. 

Theatre classes are offered regularly at LHS, and students will learn a great deal from both being in a class and being part of a production. Neither is required, however. 

Students might take part in one show a year and be content, or they might take classes and audition for every show. They might choose to take a leadership role on the student theatre board or they might pursue an opportunity to serve as student director or assistant director.  

There are many different ways that a student can be involved in LHS Theatre. Interested students are encouraged to speak with a director or any LHS theatre student.  

Play rehearsals are usually after school and go into the early evening. Actual times will vary for each production. During the week of a performance, the rehearsals usually go later. 

Performances usually take place on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. 

Parents can also support the activities a little or a lot, as their schedules and interests allow. (Find out more on the Drama Mamas and Papas [DMAP] page.)